For Sale

We generally have horses for sale from broodmares, to riding horses, to babies. We would love for you to come out and let us help you acquire the Akhal-Teke of your dreams. 


Offline Marketing

As young as our herd is at the moment, we are not able to compete as much as we would enjoy, but certainly we will be going to any competition and/or show we’re ready for. Keep checking back to see what events we’ll be attending in the near future! 


Social Media

Check us out on Facebook! All throughout the summer we’ll be updating with pictures and more! We also have our trainers YouTube Channel, which will be filled with videos of each horse for sale coming soon! 


Understand Our Goals

We are a small company, dedicated to the growth and re-development of the Akhal-Teke. This ancient, Heavenly Horse, has not only proved it can be a top competitor, but also a companion. Our horses are ready for that one person they can simulate with and connect to at a spiritual level. 

We don’t want to be another specific breed site that preaches about the uniqueness and the difference. We want to prove that our horses are smart, have confirmation correctness, are affectionate and willing to try new obstacles in life. 



  • Tiffany Deitchler 
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  • Rodney Hunt
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  • Deana Deitchler
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